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GAP Solutions Inc. is committed to providing AmeriCorps members with the resources needed to make informed decisions regarding childcare. The member eligibility requirements are determined by the individual state/territory. In our continued efforts to improve our processes and delivery of service we have developed the below list of Child Care Development Fund Plans (CCDFs). Please follow the link for your state/territory and review the eligibility information that is provided. You can also view your state's maximum reimbursement rates by visiting here or selecting your state from the dropdown below. This list will be updated periodically as changes occur. We appreciate your feedback - if you have any questions regarding the eligibility requirements, or have trouble loading any of the links in your web browser, please feel free to contact our staff for assistance. We can be reached via phone (855) 886-0687 or email at [email protected]

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The table below is to be used only as a guide. Please note that the State eligibility requirements for child care providers can change at any time. Click on the column heading for a definition of each provider type or click here To verify if your provider of choice is eligible to participate in the AmeriCorps Childcare benefit program, contact GAP Solutions with your eligibility questions at 1-855-886-0687.


  • Your provider of choice must be over the age of 18, not live in your household, and may not be the biological parent.
  • The AmeriCorps Childcare program cannot assist providers with completing state training /background check requirements.
  • Providers will not be eligible for back payment if they are not in compliance with state regulations. If approved for the benefit, the start date will be set to the day they complete the applicable requirement.

State Licensed Childcare Providers Licensed Family & Group Homes License Exempt (Church, Public School, YMCA) Unlicensed (Relative, Friend, Etc.) Unlicensed Provider Requirements
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AlabamaYESYESYESYES*Relative providers are exempt from licensing requirements; all others must comply with Health and Safety Requirements, monitoring inspections and criminal background checks.
ArizonaYESYESYESYES*Relative Providers are exempt from licensing requirements; all others must be certified to participate; to get certified click here for information.
ArkansasYESYESYES*YES*Relative providers caring for 5 or less children are approved; others must be registered to participate.
Organizations: Churches are exempt. Others must have an afterschool license to participate; also known as Out of School Time license.
CaliforniaYESYESYESYES*Relative providers are exempt from licensing requirements; all others must be registered with TrustLine to participate. Providers can get more information here.
ColoradoYESYESYESYES*Relative providers are approved. However, the AmeriCorps member must complete and submit the Unlicensed Provider Affidavit form.. All other providers must be licensed.
ConnecticutYESYESYESYESCare by a relative is approved; or by a non-relative in the child's home. FFN (Family, Friend, Neighbor) care is exempt from licensing requirements.
FloridaYESYESYESYES*Florida law requires that anyone who provides childcare in their home for more than one unrelated family must be either registered or licensed through the Department of Children and Families. Some counties do not allow registration. You must use a licensed provider. See page 7 to see if your county does not allow. To register and complete Florida's background check; click here for information.

Unlicensed Provider Registration in the following counties is not permitted as they have local ordinance requiring licensure. You must use a licensed childcare provider.
  • Brevard
  • Broward
  • Clay
  • Duval
  • Hillsborough
  • Manatee
  • Miami-Dade
  • Palm Beach
  • Pasco
  • Pinellas
  • Polk
  • Sarasota
  • Saint Johns
GeorigaYESYESYESYESA childcare license is needed if caring for more than 3 children. The Unlicensed Provider Affidavit form is required. All informal caregivers are required to complete pre-service and annual health and safety training. CPR training for infants and toddlers must be completed prior to the caregiver's enrollment in the CAPS program. Informal caregivers must complete pre-service orientation and training requirements within the first 90 days of enrollment and ten hours of ongoing Lead Agency-approved health and safety training each calendar year thereafter (Page 129 of CCDF).
HawaiiYESYESYESYES*Blood relatives are exempt from licensing requirement.
IdahoYESYESYESYES*Unlicensed providers, including blood relatives, must be certified with Idaho Stars to participate. Click here for information on getting registered.
IllinoisYESYESYES*YES*Licensed exempt centers must submit a copy of their Letter of Exemption from DCFS before they can participate. Letter of exemption is valid for 2 years. For all other unlicensed providers, the AmeriCorps Member must complete the Unlicensed Childcare Provider Affidavit.
IndianaYESYESYESYESAll unlicensed providers must become a CCDF Certified. Click here for information on getting certified. Provider will need a current First Aid/CPR Certification to complete certification.
IowaYESYESYESYES*Unlicensed providers are exempt. Providers with 5 or more unrelated children must be registered and complete Iowa's childcare background checks. Must also have valid First Aid and CPR training to participate. Click here to get registered.
KansasYESYESYESYES*Non-relative unlicensed providers must pass the Child Abuse and Neglect registry check to participate. Click here for more information.
KentuckyYESYESYESYES*Allows for existing registered unlicensed providers (more information can be found here). Blood relatives are exempt from licensing requirement. A childcare license is required if caring for more than 3 unrelated children.
MaineYESYESYESYES*Blood relatives are exempt from ALL requirements
MichiganYESYESYESYES*Unlicensed must complete a GSQ Great Start to Quality virtual course for License Exempt Providers. Click here to find available trainings. The AmeriCorps member must complete the Unlicensed Provider Affidavit form.
MinnesotaYESYESYESYES*Unlicensed providers must only provide care to related children, and/or provide childcare to children from single unrelated family at one time. The provider must also have a valid First Aid and CPR training. The childcare provider may not live in the member's home.
MissouriYESYESYESYESIndividuals caring for four or less unrelated children are considered license exempt. There is no cap on the number of related children up to the third degree (CCDF page 126-128).
NebraskaYESYESYESYES*Blood relatives are exempt from licensing requirements. The childcare provider may not live in the member's home.
New MexicoYESYESYESYES*Only state registered family homes are eligible for benefit payments.
North CarolinaYESYESYES*NOUnlicensed relatives are not exempt by the state of NC. NC only exempts faith based programs that hold a Notice of Compliance.
North DakotaYESYESYESYES*The state only approves providers that are related to the child by marriage, blood or court decree. The childcare provider may not live in the member's home.
OhioYESYESYES*NODay Camps must be accredited by the ACA and have the annual ACA certificate and day camp registration.
OklahomaYESYESYESYES*Unlicensed providers are eligible to participate if care is provided in the member's home (in-home care) or if by a relative.
OregonYESYESYESYES*Unlicensed care is allowed; however the childcare provider must be listed with the state of Oregon as an approved childcare provider. Benefit will be effective from date of listing.
Puerto RicoYESYESNOYES*Unlicensed providers must have valid First Aid and CPR certificates. Relative providers are not required this training. The AmeriCorps member must also complete and submit the Unlicensed Provider Affidavit form as part of their application.
South DakotaYESYESYESYESRelative providers are approved for the unregulated rate. The unregulated rate is also approved to unlicensed providers only providing care for one family. All other providers must be registered. Click here for more information.
TexasYESYESNOYES*Unlicensed providers must be registered or listed with the state to participate. Click here for more information. Relatives don't need to be listed to participate.
UtahYESYESYESYES*Unlicensed providers must be registered with the state to participate. Click here to become an approved FFN (Family, Friend and Neighbor) provider. Blood relatives are exempt from requirement.
VermontYESYESYESYES*If caring for more than 2 families, then the provider is required to register with the state or be licensed. Click here for more information on these requirements.
Virgin IslandsYESYESNONO
VirginiaYESYESYES*YESPrograms holding a vendor agreement can participate in the benefit. If your program is not yet exempted as a subsidy provider, you can apply to be approved; To become a subsidy provider click here for information. Provider must show they have vendor agreement as proof that they are approved as subsidy provider. Unlicensed providers caring for 4 or less unrelated children are exempt from requirement.
Washington DCYESYESYESYES*Relative Care Providers and In-Home Care Providers are exempt from the licensing requirements and are referred to as "care-of-last–resort" . The parent must demonstrate that they could not find care in licensed centers or child development homes to meet their schedule needs or the needs of their child. The AmeriCorps member will be required to complete and submit a Unlicensed Provider Affidavit form
West VirginiaYESYESYES*YES*In-home care by relative providers is allowed. Exempt centers (out of school time programs) must be registered to participate. Click here for more information.
WisconsinYESYESYESYES*Only unlicensed providers already registered are eligible. More info can be found here: Blood relatives are exempt from the requirement but the AmeriCorps member must complete and submit the Unlicensed Provider Affidavit Form.

AmeriCorps Member Checklist

Upon receiving your completed application and supporting documentation, a GAP Solutions Inc. Childcare Coordinator will contact you within 2-3 business days to inform you if any additional information is required.

Note: Your Member Application is not considered complete until your childcare provider has also submitted their application packet. Please complete and sign with your childcare provider the Childcare Provider Application. (See 'Provider Application Checklist' for more information).

Note: You have 30 days from the time you submit your application to ensure that all supportive documentation is received by GAP Solutions.

The following bullet points list the documents needed to complete your application. GAP Solutions at any time may require additional supporting documents outside of the list below.

Children needing care:

  • Birth Certificates for each child (under 13 years old) needing child care
  • Include documentation of the child's special needs (if this applies to you)
  • Proof of child custody- if child needing care is NOT your biological child
  • If you have a school aged child, send a copy of their school academic calendar

Household members over the age of 18:

  • Most Current Tax Form 1040A should be a signed copy; if you did not file, you must request from the IRS a verification of non-filing letter
  • Other Income- Upload proof of all income declared under Summary of Household Income for each household member over the age of 18

Self-employed Household members:

  • Paystubs for ALL household members over the age of 18 years old; paystubs must cover the most recent month (4weeks) of employment:
  • Tax Schedule C or Schedule F (this applies to farm income)
  • Statement of Work Activity Form
  • Quarterly Profit and Loss Statements and Monthly Salary
Select a Child Care Provider:

Choose an approved child care provider (child care providers must meet requirements as determined by the state in which child care is being provided). To see if your provider of choice is eligible to participate, please follow the link to the Child Care Provider State Guide. Your child care provider must submit all required certifications as outlined by your state before they are eligible for payment. Child Care Provider State Guide

Please remember: you may contact GAP Solutions, Inc. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST at the toll-free telephone number 1-855-886-0687 to speak with a Child Care Coordinator.


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