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Privacy Act Statement: Authorities – This information is requested pursuant to the National and Community Service Act of 1990 as amended (42 USC 12501 et seq.), the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973 as amended (42 USC 4950 et seq.), and E.O. 9397 as amended. Purposes – It is requested to manage, administer, and evaluate the child care benefits program offered to eligible AmeriCorps Service Members. Routine Uses – Routine uses of this information may include disclosure to (1) contractors to assist with administering the child care benefit, (2) individuals and organizations providing child care, and (3) federal, state, or local agencies pursuant to lawfully authorized requests. Effects of Nondisclosure – This request is voluntary, but not providing the information will likely affect your ability to receive child care benefits. Additional Information – The applicable system of records notice is CNCS-06-CPO-ACB-AmeriCorps Child Care Benefit System (ACB) [84 FR 46002].

OMB Control Number: 3045-0142 expires 12-31-2021.

The Privacy Impact Assessment for this system is available here.